After working in the office, how many times have you felt exhausted? Do you still feel muscle fatigue after sitting in a chair for a long time?

The body as a whole function as a whole, and is connected to your mind and all the systems of the body, in the same way, that is, if you have physical pain or fatigue, then you will also be mentally, emotionally, circulatory, nervous, or even digestive.

All of this can lead to reduced work performance, reduced concentration, and reduced efficiency, not to mention the personal consequences that can result, such as lack of motivation and self-esteem, health problems, injuries, or chronic illness.

But there is a solution for everything! As the saying goes, prevention is better.

Benefits of stretching in the office

Simple and easy, no need to leave the workplace, you just need 5 minutes and your chair to get the following huge long term benefits:

  • You will manage to reduce muscle tension and possible contractures.
  • It will improve your concentration and focus.
  • Prevents pain caused by holding the position for a long time.
  • Improve flexibility and joint suppleness.


The camel

You will start with a spinal extension, for which you must be in the initial position of the chair so that your feet touch a firm floor and your knees and hips are aligned.

Sit upright, stretching your back and turning your shoulders slightly down and back, you will notice that your chest opens slightly.

After establishing your starting position, you will grab the chair, reach back and hook yourself to the back of the seat or under the backrest.

Then, from here, your back forms a “C” from the waist and extends to the back, opens the chest, the neck, and moves the head back.

yoga stretches to do in the office

Warrior Stretch

This position includes spinal rotation and hip flexor extension.

Now, with your legs leaning on the chair, with your legs extended, you will bend your right leg forward, then place your whole foot on the floor, and then extend your left leg so that the heel is suspended.

With this opening, you will notice the extension of the hind legs (in his front, the area of the major muscles).

Keep your back straight and your hips aligned.

From here, you will grab the back of the chair, open your elbows outward, keep your shoulders away from your ears, and then perform a spinal twist with the help of the chair so that your arms push in one direction and your back wants to move. Go in the other direction.

yoga stretches to do in the office

King of Dancers Stretch

This stretching yoga exercise focuses on the quadriceps, the hip flexors, and the chest.

Place your front legs on the floor while you pull them apart, then return to the edge of the seat and put your hips back in place if they deviate.

Raise your back legs on the same side with your hands to grasp your ankle or instep. Try to keep your front chest and knees facing forward.

Here, place your other hand on the back of the chair or in another position to maintain balance and the center position.

Keep your back knee facing the floor and, from there, try to move that leg back, while the hand grabbing the ankle wants to pull it forward, creating the opposite force in the opposite direction.

yoga stretches to do in the office

We hope that these little yoga postures will help you improve your occupational health on all levels and tell us how you feel when you start implementing this type of stretching exercise.

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