The hectic pace of life we lead means that more and more employees are in need of the company’s psychological care.

Anxiety and depression are causing sick leave to increase exponentially, just as absenteeism is increasing exponentially.

What is happening?

The needs of society are great, so our daily responsibilities are too long and we have too little time for calm and reflection.

This causes the company to suffer huge economic losses.

Not only due to lack of productivity and lack of motivation, but also the costs associated with absence or illness.

The company’s health concept

What measures can the company take to increase productivity and employee satisfaction?

Spread and promote a healthy lifestyle on all physical, mental, and emotional levels.

We will review some ideas that make your company a happy and healthy company:

Company physical health activities:

  1. Nutrition workshop. Teach employees how to cook simple, healthy recipes based on a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients.
  2. Healthy snacks. More and more fruit and nut baskets can be seen on the office desk. Healthy companies are keeping up with this trend and their profits continue to increase.
  3. Participating in marathons or sports. In-house personal trainers or weekend running meets are a few examples of how more and more companies are implementing incentives for employees to take care of themselves.
The corporate health concept
The corporate health concept – Healthy snacks

Corporate mental and emotional health activities

  1. Mindfulness training. Teaching employees to live in the present, stay focused and manage emotions is a good option to reduce stress and learn how to deal with stress in extreme situations.
  2. Team dynamics. A dynamic work environment is essential for productivity and overall company performance. It is important to work with professionals who provide enough space and propose exercises that help teamwork and mutual understanding,.so as to maintain harmony among all members of the department.
  3. Intermittent communication. Coaches can help their team to improve communication, especially in positions of high pressure and responsibility, they need to learn leadership skills and self-confidence to be able to lead in a better way.

We know that no two companies are exactly alike, regardless of the number of people or demand. That is why choosing activities that include the aforementioned health aspects will provide better performance and overall satisfaction without giving up anything.

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