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One of the most traditional, cosmopolite and most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico… Its official name is Acapulco de Juarez, and for a long time it has been one of the most important cities, considering its tourism and shipping activity, practically since Mexico’s colony days. Its international fame began in the 50s as it became the favorite spot for Hollywood stars.

Without a doubt, its beaches are its main tourism attraction, in addition to its delicious food, the warmth of its people and its wide array of nightly entertainment. Today, Acapulco is still a famous destination that attracts millions of tourists; most of them Mexican. It is divided in three huge tourism zones: Traditional Acapulco, Golden Acapulco and Diamond Acapulco. The Traditional Zone had its boom from middle to late 20th century, while Golden and Diamond Acapulco are the most opulent regions, where the luxurious resorts are located.

In Acapulco it is said that the night is not for sleeping and there’s fun for all ages.


Recommended Hotels




Isla de la Roqueta
La Quebrada
Puerto Marqués
Pie de la Cuesta
Laguna de Coyuca
Laguna de Tres Palos
Laguna Negra
Barra Vieja
Parque Nacional El Veladero

Resort Mundo Imperial Acapulco Diamante - 811 Rooms
Princess Mundo Imperial Riviera Diamante - 1011 Rooms
Banyan Tree Cabo Marques - 45 Villas
Las Brisas Acapulco - 251 Rooms
Grand Hotel Acapulco - 573 Rooms

Sightseeing Tour
Mangrove Paradise
Tour through Tehuacalco
Tour to Taxco
Sunset Cruise

CICI Aquatic Park (International Kids Leisure Center). Located in the Costera Avenue, a few steps from the Business Center traffic circle.
The Lion King Castle. A few miles away from Barra de Coyuca.
Villa Ruby. A few miles before the Lion King Castle.
Our Lady of the Seas (underwater monument).
Palma Sola (rock carvings).
Diego Rivera's Murals in the Exekatlkalli (House of the Winds) of Dolores Olmedo.
San Diego Fort (Acapulco's History Museum).
Fortín Álvarez.
Our Lady of Loneliness Cathedral (Acapulco's Cathedral).
Plaza Álvarez (Acapulco's Main Square).
Malecón (Esplanade).
Queen's Park and Esplanade of the Heroic Navy School.
Papagayo Park.
Acapulco's Navy History Museum.
Cultural Center.
Ecumenical Chapel of Peace.
Magical Underwater World.
Symphony of the Sea.
La Gran Plaza Shopping Mall.
Diana Galleries.
Plaza La Isla Shopping Mall.
Imperial World Forum.

San Diego Fort:
Built in 1616 and reconstructed to its current state after the great earthquake of 1776. It used to protect this valuable commercial point against the English and Dutch pirates. Today it is a fascinating museum that exhibits unusual relics.

Villa Arabesque:
This magnificent villa has hosted international celebrities, heads of state, Middle East royalty, and Hollywood stars. It offers intimacy and greatness, with imposing open areas that allow ocean and sky views. It features a private dance floor, underground corners, and vibrant caves with dazzling shapes. Near the sea you´ll find El Amate, an ancient giant tree that reveals an almost spiritual sense of nature.

Casa de la Laguna:
A garden among palm trees by the shore of the immense Tres Palos lagoon, boarded by a white sandy beach; a rustic and natural, yet elegant setting, framed by the a golden sunset.

Tres Vidas:
The most famous and exclusive world-class (PGA) golf club in Acapulco. It boasts high level facilities located near the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean; an ideal place for all kinds of events, from concerts to elegant private dinners. Here you'll enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets and unforgettable nights.