Those who practice company trips, consider that business travel is a factor of success, for them and their company.

Although it is a source of fatigue, overwork, and stress, business travel is also a source of fulfillment, according to those who take it. According to a study by American Express-YouGov, 93% of professionals say that business travel is a pleasure, and 76% say it is a source of pride. Business travel is seen as a factor in personal success. But that’s not all, insist its fans. According to another 2017 survey of 1,000 travelers from around the world conducted by online accommodation booking specialist, nearly half (46%) said they wanted to boost their business. Here’s why and how to cultivate business travel. But why is it essential?

#1 To expand one’s professional horizons

Nearly 60% of business travelers believe that by discovering new cultures and destinations, they add value to their work. And this belief is even stronger among travel and tourism professionals, management consultants and architects, and designers. For more than a third of these professions, the priority is to understand a new culture and its impact on the business.

company trips
Expand cultural horizons

#2 To meet and get to know one’s clients

No social network, no messaging, replaces face-to-face meetings and exchanges.

#3 To strengthen ties with collaborators

Getting closer to employees during a trip is a strong motivation for travelers, but also for half of the employees of charities and NGOs, who want to take advantage of the trip to spend time with their colleagues or service providers. The prospect of making business trips is a decisive element in convincing them to join a company: the culture of business travel is therefore a decisive argument for recruitment.

company trips
A better working relationship

#4 To learn and acquire new skills

This is the main objective of business travelers working in education or the armed forces, but also of all professionals.

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