Los Cabos: Mexico’s Most Exciting and Most Promising Destination for Business Team Building

Dramatic desert landscapes, beautiful azure waters…it’s easy to see why Los Cabos is becoming Mexico’s most talked-about destination. Data released by the city’s tourism board suggests a rapid rise in activity, with nearly three million visitors flocking there in 2017.

To accommodate tourists, the city added 1,500 hotel rooms last year — and another 4,000 are expected by 2023. With occupancy rates reaching 82 percent, additional accommodations are sure to follow.

Explanations for the destination’s surge in popularity vary, but visitors agree that the weather, the vibrant atmosphere, and the relative ease of access are top draws.

Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For Corporate Teams

With Los Cabos’ dramatic increase in tourism comes the need for new and exciting activities to keep visitors entertained. Local resorts and adventure companies have clearly risen to the occasion, providing an array of opportunities for guests of all types. Corporate groups, in particular, are impressed by the sheer variety of team-building activities available. By encouraging bonding in a beautiful, relaxed environment, these pursuits build trust, and ultimately, stronger teams that can competently handle workplace challenges together.

Los Cabos’ Best Team-Building Activities

Beach-based activities are always a hit, so it should come as no surprise that corporate groups embrace the sun and the sand. Many, however, prefer to move beyond sunbathing and experience the thrill of adventure. Adrenaline lovers adore the area’s ATV and zip line tours, while culture mavens appreciate the galleries and cuisine. Additional activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Glass bottom boat tours
  • Whale watching
  • Horseback riding
  • Camel safaris

Los Cabos visitors are particularly enthusiastic about excursions to the iconic arch, which marks the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. Cabo Pulmo National Park is also a must-visit destination; home to one of just three coral reefs on the West Coast, the park is a top spot for snorkeling, diving, and sea lion viewing.

There’s no shortage of excitement in and around Los Cabos. Experience it all during a picture-perfect group trip; contact Maritur today to learn more.



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