The condition suffered by workers who are “burned” on the job is known as burnout syndrome.

Workers in poor working conditions are under great pressure. This situation arises because they live under constant threat and can seriously affect their health. This condition can be detected in the body and is accompanied by symptoms such as chronic fatigue, weakened immunity, and loss of energy. Emotionally speaking, it can make you reactive, feel cold, unwilling, depressed, and sad. On a mental level, there can be a loss of concentration and cognitive impairment. In addition to affecting workers’ health, it can also affect other areas such as social life. A person who is exhausted from feeling bad may become isolated from the environment around them and not be able to concentrate on other aspects of life.

These are some of the reasons why workers can suffer from burnouts:

  1. Finding themselves in a conflictive work environment.
  2. Not performing functions that promote employee self-fulfillment at work.
  3. Not disconnecting from work during breaks. And working long hours.
  4. Emotional conflicts in their personal life, combined with high demands at work. And not knowing how to handle it.

Some measures can be taken so that burnout no longer affects the quality of life of workers.

In fact, it is better to compensate for the long-term stress caused by burnout by making changes in the health status of workers in the work environment and in the personal aspects of workers.

Here are 3 steps workers can take to improve their condition and avoid burnout:

Set limits on work hours and switch off completely.

Keep in mind that our bodies take several hours to work, and if we don’t know how to set a time out and turn it off completely, it will also affect our brains.

Therefore, it is essential that workers know how to stop and get out of work completely while playing.

In addition, dedicate rest time to activities that benefit the body and mind, such as

Nature, sports, or some creative activity. And it is always necessary

Practice skills such as emotion management and mindfulness.

We recommend you to practice mindfulness and emotional management in order to help reduce the level of stress in the body. Practice them to reduce Cortisol levels, which will improve sleep quality.

Be positive and funny to reduce stress.

Some companies are committed to implementing healthy activities to provide such tools to their employees. More and more people have joined these valuable suggestions.

Make time for personal development.

Attending conferences, participating in courses and personal development exercises help employees understand themselves so they can adjust their work according to their interests, passions, and personal skills.

This will allow you to develop your strengths in the company and be able to find your motivation to perform functions.

We hope these tips will help you avoid having a Burnout and also to help you develop your personal life without sacrificing your professional life.

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