The pandemic forced a rethinking of this type of event to combine traditional forms with virtuality.

The pandemic meant a change in all areas of life with the need to rethink interaction, keep distances and avoid the Covid-19 virus at all costs. This can be seen in activities where there are large numbers of people at corporate events.

It is important to think about the benefits of these virtual spaces for the purpose of an event, as it allows organizers to capture attendance rates in real-time and efficiently manage the various activities at the same time.

One of the main features of virtual events is interactivity because, depending on the presentation of the event and its sessions, participants can participate by generating comments, questions, or purchases and preferring two-way communication. The platform facilitates contact with organizers, speakers, and other participants to receive real-time interactions.

Thanks to 3D technology, users will also have the opportunity to create a personalized avatar to visit and interact with the different spaces offered by the event.

virtual corporate events 3D technology
Virtual corporate events – 3D technology

They are also versatile as they can be presented on multiple devices with Internet connections and participants can log in from computers, tablets, or smartphones. This provides a complete experience without having to move, which increases visibility. This is one of the biggest advantages of the digital environment, as it allows you to reach a larger number of people without investing too much money.

Unlike physical events, virtual events have the advantage that they can be quantified. That is, the data obtained during the event can be archived for later analysis, including information on how participants behaved at the event, which conferences they attended, how long they stayed in each session and what actions they took.

Organization and management, pillars of a successful virtual event

Virtual events offer companies regardless of size or industry the opportunity to network, increase visibility and create different communication channels. These virtual meetings are substantial because they allow attendees to overcome geographic barriers, encourage greater participation and involvement and surpass traditional events in this regard.

Proper planning is critical to success. Some factors must be clear so that the event surprises the participants and concludes with the objectives achieved.

For this reason, exploring this type of initiative offers a wide variety of benefits, both to generate immersive and interactive experiences and to revolutionize the industry and continue with its events and brand promotion through the use of new technologies.

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