Today, the coronavirus (Covid-19) has prompted us all to change our work habits, such as working from home; technology and video conferencing apps are the best allies to promote and maintain close relationships with our work teams and achieve successful meetings, even remote ones.

To facilitate communication, there are countless free and paid applications that allow remote and effective video calls to be made to work teams or clients.

If the meeting or interview lasts an average of 40 minutes, video calls are the most convenient.

Below are some of the best video conferencing applications.


Zoom is one of the most common platforms. Even its creator, Zoom Video Communications, has been listed on some Latin American stock exchanges and is the most widely used in this social evacuation season because of its ease of use and scheduling of virtual meetings.

Through your computer or smartphone, you can schedule meetings of no more than 40 minutes anywhere, and you can share files and screens.


For teams of up to four members, linking through WhatsApp is a good and easy option because it is a daily tool. Although video calls are only available in the mobile version. The application is free and can be used in an online store.

Google Duo

Cell phones with the Android system have the Google Duo application installed, which has the advantage of being able to make video calls with iPhone users without any problem.

Duo can connect with up to 8 people and work on tablets, phones, computers, and smart screens. The advantage is that if the person cannot answer the phone, they can send a video message. You can download it from here.


For companies with greater needs, Microsoft’s Skype is an option for meetings of up to 50 people and is free. Its new version of Teams allows you to share screenshots, documents, current PowerPoint slideshows, and even videos.


With this application, you can automatically synchronize your device to accommodate up to 25 people.

According to Google, they have two online meeting experiences: Hangout chat and Hangout party; which are generally available to GSuite customers and users. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

No matter how far away you are from your work team, whether you are using a cell phone or a computer, you can use the Internet connection and meetings are very effective in emergency situations. We hope you liked our top 5 video conferencing apps.

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