How do you let your employees combine business with pleasure on business trips? In short, how to ensure that your employees can have leisure and free time to discover the city or country they are in during a business trip and thus make it exceptional.  This practice is commonly known as bleisure. This term comes from the contraction of the English words “leisure” and “business” and is used to refer to the practice of taking advantage of a business trip to treat oneself to a few days on-site for private purposes, whether it is for sightseeing, visiting relatives or relaxing away from home. Here are a few ideas to make your next company trip an unforgettable memory for your employees.

1: A change of scenery

Offering your employees a luxury holiday destination is also a unique opportunity to give them a change of scenery and feed their imagination. A beautiful suite with a sea view, outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant, a spa, a golf course, and an idyllic climate is synonymous with escape and dreams. What better way to reinflate the troops and start off on a good footing? Plan a full day for an 18-hole course or half a day for a 9-hole course. This activity is still very popular in many companies!

2. Cooking as a team

Cooking in teams not only helps people work better together but also allows them to learn healthy recipes. If your corporate culture includes employee wellness and fitness, learning to cook healthy is definitely a step in the right direction.

The activity is also ideal for introducing your team to certain cultures. Add it to your next company trip!

3. Picnic at the beach

Get out of the office for an afternoon to picnic with your team on the beautiful Mexican beaches. You could- enjoy the good times together.

For an even more successful activity, get a portable BBQ and grill some meats and shrimps and small cocktails to prolong the moment in the sun until nightfall.

4. Solidarity: working together for solidarity action

A day dedicated to the consolidation and development of team cohesion can be an opportunity to participate in a solidarity project that will certainly make the unanimity within your team and motivate its members to give the best of themselves and succeed collectively for a good cause. Another great option for your next company trip.

5. Photo booths

 Today’s photo booth style photo booths allow people to take pictures of themselves, in addition, to make videos or GIFs, and share the images directly to their social media accounts.

6.  Circus show

Lastly, one singular way to add some fun to your company trip is a circus show. Why? Well, as if by magic, the circus arts have also undergone an image makeover thanks to acts like Cirque du Soleil, which have made this art form an immersive experience. Add a mystical dimension to your own event by engaging contortionists, acrobats, and other aerial artists

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