Arriving in an unfamiliar city for work or business reasons can change the way you work and manage your time and activities. Obviously, this can cause uncertainty, but, with organization and technology on your side, you will be able to continue being the productive person who makes the most of your time and obtain the best results at the end of your days.

Follow these practical tips to be productive in an unfamiliar city on your next business trip, taking advantage of the technology you have at your fingertips:

Write down everything, have an agenda

It is not enough to know what to do and keep the times and dates in mind. There comes a time when the activities are too many and relying on memory is irresponsible. That is why it is necessary to write down all your commitments in a diary. All the activities you have to do during the day should be recorded so that you do not go unnoticed. Don’t forget to write down addresses, phone numbers, contacts, and data that are very precise.

Always stay connected

Technology becomes more relevant when you are in an unknown place. Having your cell phone within reach will help you set alarms and reminders, find a business partner or someone you need to communicate with instantly and connect to the Internet. Staying connected will also help you to receive messages quickly, so you can be aware of any changes or notices related to your day’s activities. Remember to carry your charger at all times. You can get a portable charger, which will ensure you are connected at all times.

tips for using technology productively
Tips for using technology productively

Make a copy of your electronic documentation

In these times, having a laptop helps you perform a lot of tasks, even if you’re not connected to the Internet. So consider backing up all your work documents so you can access them from your computer. That way, you can continue working even if you don’t have access to a wifi network.

Use your cell phone applications

Many people do not know that a mobile device can perform computer-like functions. You can save and access documents in the cloud, such as Google Drive, and even edit them. Also, you can make documents from the Office suite, you can manage Facebook pages, make visual designs, and much more. Consider downloading the corresponding applications; we recommend deleting all the files, videos, and photos that you do not use so that your mobile device has enough memory.

Give yourself space

Your mobile device can also help you create an atmosphere of comfort when you decide to work on public transport or in a cafeteria. You can take advantage of it to relax, listen to music, or play a podcast while you get ready to do your administrative activities. This way, you will avoid being distracted by external noise. Are you lost? Do you want to find a good place to eat? Do you need anything? Don’t hesitate to search on the Internet. 

tips for using technology productively
Tips for using technology productively

Without a doubt, technology has given us the possibility to be more efficient and productive. These practical tips can help you confirm this.

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