Any leader knows that, in order to achieve the objectives, his team must be completely in tune. The mood of the team influences the results obtained and depends on the effective management of the team.

There are ways to make all team members happier and more productive when doing the activities they need to do. If you want to know some simple tips for effective team management, here is some usefull information you can pun into practice.

1. Be transparent with your team

It is important that there is a mutual respect among the members and leaders of the team. Each and every member deserves to be aware of what is going on. So, the team leader should try to have an open communication with everyone. Everyone should feel free to express themselves, to say what they like and what they don’t, to be transparent without fear. This will create trust and a more comfortable environment. Also, it will be possible to discuss conflicts and problems directly, which will avoid misunderstandings.

effective team management transparence
Effective team management – Transparence

2. Have good communication

Like any good team, it is necessary that there is good internal communication. The processes to achieve the objectives must be carried out properly and this is achieved if all team members maintain communication at all times. In addition, if there are obstacles it is necessary that these are expressed and that the members can help each other. These times of pandemic served us to look at other options for maintaining team communication; for example, using tools such as Google Hangouts, team members can maintain face-to-face communication.

3. Provide timely feedback

Feedback should not be seen as a bad thing, but rather as an opportunity to emphasize points for improvement. This benefits the work teams; for a leader, it must be fundamental to give a timely feedback that helps his collaborators to continue having a personal and professional development. There are always areas for improvement, and a very important task for a leader to know how to express this to his team.

effective team management feedback
Effective team management – Feedback

4. Encourage collaboration

Creating a good working atmosphere will help members feel more comfortable. Also, fostering good relationships among them will be essential for the activities to be carried out in a better way. Also, it is highly recommended that members can feel free to perform where they can add the most value. Each person has specific skills and if there is a good collaboration between all, favorable results can be achieved. For times of pandemic, Google Drive was one of the tools that stood out the most. The possibility of being able to collaborate at the same time in the same document or file, makes this tool one of the most recommended for team work.

5. Trust your team to do its job

If the skills of each team member are known, it is essential to let them perform their duties. Delegating is an important part of allowing each person to do their best without feeling pressured. In addition, it generates confidence and respect for the colleagues, so the bond is strengthened.

6. Preventing team burnout

It is advisable to encourage team members to rest at the right time and to sleep well. A member who is exhausted will not be able to be productive and will affect the work of his or her fellow team members. Therefore, it should be a priority for the leader to keep his or her team in good condition and energized. Even though work schedules are flexible, it is necessary to set a time limit for any work-related activity.

effective team management rest
Effective team management – Rest

Every organization is different, but, these tips can be a great help for any work team to perform well.

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