Business travel is becoming more globalized every day; this means a wide range of possibilities emerges for corporate travel field, principally in the emerging markets. But taking your company abroad can be one of the most significant challenges. In addition to all logistics for your event, conference, workshop, business or incentive travel, you must also address the important issue of communication.

Even though English is the established language of business, those who don’t speak English well would understandably prefer to do business in their native tongues. Whether you are expanding into global markets or simple traveling with your team, there is one item we never consider and it is to hire a professional interpreter that will help you communicate efficiently in case you have an audience with a different language. Imagine there is an incentive trip of your company with CEOs from different speaking countries; the interpreter will help you break the language barrier.

Professional interpreters will help avoid embarrassing situations, a good reason you need to hire a professional interpretation agency.


Then, in case you need an interpreter for you conference or business event, take into consideration these tips.

  1. Establish and agree on ground rules with an interpreter. For example, try and communicate how you want a meeting run, the number of sentences to be translated at a time, the confirmation of jargon or idioms before they are translated.
  2. Try and brief an interpreter prior to any face to face meetings. If there is any specific terminology to be used ask them if they understand it. If you foresee any tricky issues or tense topics, prepare them for it.
  3. If you plan to give a speech or read from a script, give the interpreter a copy. The more familiar they are with the subject matter, the better a job they will do.
  4. Do not rush. Interpreting is a taxing job and is mentally exhausting. To alleviate the pressure as much as possible, speak slowly and clearly. If you rush the interpreter is more likely to become stressed and the quality of the translation may drop.

Working with Maritur will guarantee that you will have the best interpreters during your event at any destination you decide to plan your corporate event. Contact us for your next corporate event.

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