In addition to the normal stress of traveling, whether you are traveling for business, work, or on behalf of the company, there is the responsibility of achieving the objective assigned to us with that trip.

Many factors affect executives who experience anxiety or stress while traveling for business.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a corporate travel agency, conducted research that uncovered the basic causes of this stress: lost luggage, flight delays, missed connections, missed work time, surprise, jet lag, and, of course, changes in routine.

Leaders need to identify the elements that cause stress to learn how to deal with it, reduce it and in some cases even eliminate it.

Ideally, on each trip, an assessment should be made of the elements or situations that were stressful to try to eliminate them for the next trip, and therefore try to alleviate stress on each trip.

Follow the recommendations below to learn how to manage and overcome the stress caused by business travel. You can focus on the destination you are traveling to and get the productivity you desire.

Plan ahead

Whenever it can be done, it is much better so make sure you have the documentation you need or find the hotel that best suits your needs.

Overcome the stress of business traveling
Overcome the stress of business traveling

Buy transportation tickets in advance

When choosing tickets, be sure to avoid those that include a layover. They may choose the most convenient seat for you, such as the aisle seat, which gives you more freedom to get up whenever you want without asking permission from other passengers. Spread your legs or get out faster, especially if they are near the departure gate.


Organize all your movements in advance so that you have enough time in case of delays or mishaps.

When doing this planning, it is necessary to take into account possible plane, train, or bus delays. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your travel time a little in light of these unforeseen events that are out of our control.

Calculate your time well, there is nothing more stressful than running from one place to another thinking that you will not arrive. It is better to have too much time than too little.

Research the place you are traveling to

Knowing the terrain you are walking on will make you feel safer.

Nowadays, with the ease that the Internet allows us, we can know in great detail the place we are traveling to, almost as if we had visited it before.

Find out about the means of transportation, routes, schedules, the weather for the travel time, or the little tricks, routes, or must-see places in case you have some free time and can take advantage of it to get to know.

Overcome the stress of business traveling
Overcome the stress of business traveling

Take measures to avoid jetlag.

It is more common in long transoceanic trips, so it should be considered to avoid meetings when you arrive from your trip, very early the next day, etc.

If you have more flexibility and know in advance that you have time to make up for the travel time, you can rest easy.

This break always leads to more efficient and productive meetings.

Time to enjoy

Allow time after business meetings so you can enjoy the location, take a walk, clear your mind and focus on other thoughts.

By resting your mind, you can make it more open and active the next day to generate new ideas and be twice as productive.

Overcome the stress of business traveling
Overcome the stress of business traveling

We hope these recommendations for reducing stress during business trips will help you to manage your business trips better and get the enjoyment you deserve.

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