Despite all the bad things you might have heard about Mexico, the fact is that Mexico’s capital is evolving into a cosmopolitan city with a geographically convenient location.  The GBTA Foundation has identified Mexico as one of the business travel markets of the future due to its rapid growth along with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland and Turkey.

Not surprisingly this is the new favorite business destination that will surprise visitors. Mexico has the infrastructure needed for any sort of event, congress and business meetings and in a wide variety of business destinations. Mexico City now ranks as one of the top 10 destinations in the world for large international congresses and conventions.

Here are some highlights to take into consideration if you are planning your next corporate event in Mexico.


For business travelers with adventurous palates, Mexico City is the world’s greatest food city. Mexican food is becoming an increasingly important cuisine globally. You’ll find top-notch tamales, traditional mole poblano dishes, pozole, fresh ceviche, and tacos. From street-corner food to elegant restaurants of impressive interior design; spots like these–beloved by both tourists and locals–are part of the reason why Mexican has morphed into a global cuisine over the last 20 years.



Its dynamic and diverse stock of hotels also provide something for every business travel budget, from sparkling five-star skyscrapers to minimalist or historical luxury boutiques. Most of the hotels offer business centers and some offer fitness centers which are convenient in terms of not having to move people to a different location.



Spanish is the official language of Mexico. Cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos speak some English due to tourism, but it may be difficult for them to conduct detailed discussions. If you want to guarantee an efficient business meeting or congress you might wish to hire an interpreter. This will ensure a successful back and forth communication among all attendees.


Culture and recreation

It doesn’t matter which city you choose as a location for your event, every city has a vibrant culture life offering concerts, theater, traditional dances, festivals, art galleries, museums and archaeological sites. For an incentive travel there are many options, from climbing the pyramids of Teotihuacán in Mexico City, a Tequila tour in Jalisco, dip into an ancient cenote in Yucatán, dive in Cozumel, or shop for silver in Taxco. The activities for your team to have fun in Mexico are endless.


This was just a simple guide of what you can expect from this Country. If you are planning that Mexico hosts your upcoming business congress or event, then, part of that planning should include getting to know all these aspects of Mexico. Whether you’re traveling to the Major Cities, or colonial cities or beach coastal cities, Maritur can help you discover them all.

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