Maritur DMC is honored to be named a 2019 ADMEI Awards Finalists for the Best Innovative Event category, $100,001- $200,000, in the signature Pink Lake Global Influencer Experience.

About the ADMEI Awards

The ADMEI Awards honor DMCs for excellence in programs, development, and delivery, with industry professionals judging submissions in more than 20 categories. The Achievement category, for which Maritur was nominated, recognizes destination management services for programming in a specific location – in this case, Cancun.

This year’s ADMEI Award winners will be announced at ADMEI’s annual conference, which takes place in Houston, Texas, February 7-9.

Inside the Pink Lake Global Influencer Experience

The Pink Lake experience took global influencers to the shores of Las Coloradas, a naturally occurring pink lake inside Río Lagartos Biosphere. The pink lakes showcase Mexico’s stunning natural beauty and are a tourist favorite. Las Coloradas gets its color from algae and plankton that thrive in the salty lake. When water levels due to evaporation, the lake’s pink hues grow more vibrant.

For this event, a dreamy picnic oasis was created along the lake’s shores, with lounge chairs, pillows, rope swings, beach balls, and pink palm trees. The lake’s cotton candy pink hue made a stunning backdrop to the playful picnic area.

The first time you step up to the lake shores, or gaze at the pale pink water, you feel as if you have been transported into a dream. How can this be real?

We are very excited to be nominated for the 2019 ADMEI Awards for our Pink Lake Global Influencer Experience, and now we’d like to know how we can make your dreams come true. Whether it’s exploring other hidden natural wonders of the Yucatan or soaking up the sun on Cancun’s white sand beaches, we help travelers tap into all the charisma and color Mexico has to offer while celebrating authentic cultural experiences and boutique corporate travel.

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