Event planners can save a lot of time on research by using the services of a DMC (Destination Management Company); they can help you select different suppliers, obtain quickly transfers and get the opportunity to visit places that are not available to the public.

These companies, like Maritur, have extensive knowledge of a specific destination, experience and a network of contacts that is specialized in meetings design and implementation such as activities, tours, transportation and logistics programs.

This type of companies gets involved in all the process of organizing an event, staying in constant communication with its customers in order to promptly fulfill the established program. The main benefits that can be obtained by approaching to a DMC specialist and with wide experience in the field of congresses and events are as follows:

  • Extensive knowledge of the destination
  • Acceleration in budget, organization, and operation processes
  • Optimization of material and human resources
  • Selection of suitable suppliers
  • Fast response thanks to its vast supplier’s directory
  • Quality assurance with suppliers services
  • Products design based on needs and customer times
  • Decrease of stress for the event planner

So now that you know all the benefits and advantages of hiring a DMC for your next event, check out this checklist to proper select a DMC:

  • Know for how long has the company been operating
  • Be sure it has financial stability
  • Ask what type of insurances they offer to its customers
  • Verify that they have all the permits and licenses requested in the working destination
  • Make sure they have permanent and qualified staff
  • Request for references
  • Know what kind of technology they work with
  • Ask if they belong to any association or international certification

If you are still doubtful about your company should hire or not a DMC, we recommend you to read the 5 reasons to hire a DMC for your next event. Our experience speaks for us, request your quote tailored to the needs of your event.

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