It is very common that when thinking about a business meeting, we imagine the typical scene of a person talking in front of others about some topic that nobody wants to hear and that does not generate emotion or enthusiasm in anyone. Many people have lost the true meaning of making a meeting and its purpose. The truth is that the most important asset of a person is time, and this must be very well used. So, if you are a leader of a group of people you have to know how to plan effective meetings. Remember that nobody wants to waste their time and if you can give them something of value, surely your work meetings will start to be much better.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

Does it matter what I want to say?

Behind a meeting, there is an important message. Something that adds value or needs to be communicated to everyone. Consider that, nowadays, there are digital tools that can help you communicate with your collaborators; then, define very well if the message you want to share has to be face to face or if you can optimize your time and send some email or text message. WhatsApp can be of great help in the latter case. Of course, certain topics must be spoken about face-to-face. So, don’t hesitate to schedule your next meeting.

 Now, what do I want to say?

The meeting should have a definite goal. If you ask your collaborators for time, it is because you have something important to say. So, what’s so important? Perhaps you have many things to discuss; in that case, try not to digress. Be completely organized with your ideas. Remember that effective communication occurs when the sender succeeds in transmitting his ideas to the receivers. To do this, it is highly recommended that you make a list of the main topics so that you have clarity; you can share this list with the attendees. You can share this list with the attendees. Also, indicate the date of the meeting; remember that all this is in advance.

Who should attend the meeting?

You have something very important to communicate. But, not everyone should be present when you do. Define very well who should attend the meeting and why they should attend. To do this, you should take a look at the topics to be discussed once again and think about which people will help you add value to the meeting. Also, the people who are going to help give continuity to the topics should be there. Be respectful of the time of those who should not be there and do not invite them.

Is everyone sure they can attend?

Even if you want to, you cannot control the time of others, but you can remind them that they already commit a certain date. You can help remind your attendees of the meeting. This way, you can also know if someone has changed their mind and will no longer be attending. This is also useful for you because it helps you constantly remember your meeting.

How will the meeting go?

There are many ways to hold a meeting. It doesn’t have to be the typical meeting where one person talks and everyone listens, although this is not bad. It depends on your expectations and purpose. Currently, some techniques can keep the attendees more animated and attentive to the meeting topics. Also, you can make use of audiovisual resources. You can use a microphone or not, start with a reflection question, or some activity to break the ice. The important thing is that the attendees can receive the information in a much better way. Remember that the effectiveness of a meeting is not measured by the number of topics discussed, but by the quality with which each topic is explained and the understanding of each attendee.

effective work meetings
Effective work meetings – DMC Maritur

Now that you have asked yourself these questions, you are ready to conduct your meeting. You are almost guaranteed to succeed. Time to talk!

Get there before everyone else

Get there before everyone else and have everything ready for the meeting. Space should be completely pleasant for you, so take control of it. If you will be using audiovisual material, do not hesitate to verify that you have everything under control, so, make several tests. Avoid the situation of getting nervous at the moment of the meeting because of the technological tools. Technology can be a great friend to conduct your business meeting, but it can also be a powerful enemy.


You can’t play with other people’s time. Nor will you like it if they don’t respect your time. Start at the right time, not before or after. You’ve made enough effort planning and organizing your meeting and you don’t want to throw it all away by conducting your meeting in the wrong way. It may seem rude, but you should make it clear that punctuality is the most important thing for a productive meeting from start to finish.

effective work meetings
Effective work meetings – DMC Maritur

Now that you know all this effective tips for better work meetings, put them into practice and become a great leader.

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