Traveling just got easier with the Motorized Suitcase

The Modobag is a motorized suitcase you can ride around an airport. Modobag is the first hybrid luggage — it is a part carry-on suitcase and a part motorized vehicle. Modobag can be used as a traditional wheeled bag — just extend the handle and pull it along on its wheels. When that moment hits and you need to travel fast, you can quickly lower the bag into its riding position, jump on the built-in seating area and hit the throttle to go.

These are some of the characteristics of these motorized suitcases that we want to share with you:

It’s surprisingly fast

There are two-speed settings: 5 mph for indoors and eight mph for outdoors, which can seem very fast when you’re that low to the ground. The strong handbrake can make it stop on a dime, and the thumb-operated accelerator lever gives you enough torque for a quick jolt. You can also make a hairpin turn, but doing it at five mph will knock you off balance and onto the ground.

It’s small but strong

The storage capacity for the introductory suitcase is roughly 2,000 cubic inches, similar in size to an overnight bag, yet it supports riders who weigh up to 260 pounds. The company says it plans to introduce larger bags in the coming year, including checked luggage sizes with larger storage space.

It’s heavy

The 19-pound carry-on can help you ride from curbside to gate, but those 19 pounds restrict what you can pack. Baggage weight limits and fees vary by airline, but most require additional fees for bags over 50 pounds.

You can use it to charge your phone

The suitcase’s lithium battery, which has already been approved by the TSA and FAA, has two USB outlets so you can also use it to charge two devices at once. A full charge will carry an 180-pound traveler for eight miles before it runs out of juice. For an additional $69, you can also get a GPS tracker to know where your bag is at all times.

It’s very expensive

And then there’s the price. A regular carry-on bag costs somewhere between $100 and $200, while the Modobag is planned to cost $1,495 when it goes on sale in 2017.

Forget moving walkways and airport trolleys—the motorized Modobag suitcase is the new way to get around large airports. If you are a frequent business traveler, this might be an inversion to consider.



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