Things to consider when choosing tours for groups

During your next incentive trip, booking tours for groups is always a great idea because they create the perfect environment for integration and cordiality between travel assistants. However, it is important to make a smart decision taking in count everyone’s opinion, among other elements that can be the difference.

Below you’ll find a few tips to consider before booking a tour for groups that applies for large Mexican metropolis as Mexico City and Monterrey, as well as famous beaches resorts like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, or colonial cities such as Merida, in Yucatan.

Number of guests

If you’ve already make up your mind about how many guests will be part of the tour or activity, you can start thinking about transportation and other logistics, including the meeting point, food and drinks during the shuttle, where to eat in the road and some important tips, just to mention a few. In addition, if there’s enough people participating, you’ll be able to afford a private tour in order to receive a personalized service for the same (or almost the same) price as a shared one.

Tours for groups

Travelers’ profile

Maybe millennials are young enough to enjoy canopy or having a great party in a catamaran, but older people may not have a good time in these kind of activities. In fact, people of the same age may not enjoy the same activities. For example, marketers and media experts like to do some networking, but engineers will not really like to talk with other people.


Budget is maybe the most important thing to consider when choosing tours for groups. Maybe a great idea to save some money is choosing and activity that doesn’t charge a fee for entrance. If participants are Mexicans, you should know they don’t pay entrance fee on Sundays in archeological sites. By doing so, you only have to worry about transportation and food.

Time available

During an incentive travel you may want to focus your time to do some integration activities to break the ice. Whatever your plans are, we recommend reserving a few hours to escape from the hotel facilities and explore some place or something new. It can be a close attraction or even a water sport in case you’re visiting a beach destination!

We hope these tips help you to select the ideal tour for your group. Please do not hesitate in sending us an email so we can assist you in this important decision.



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