The Carnival in Holbox: another reason to visit Mexican Caribbean

The Carnival 2018 is close to home and it’s an excellent opportunity to experience a getaway and have fun with family or friends. The Carnival in Holbox is a great option for those looking for a party during these days and the best reason to book a trip to Mexican Caribbean. If you decide to come, you can take this opportunity to discover the beauties of this island which is capting tourists’ attention now more than ever.

Holbox Carnival

What can you do during the Carnival in Holbox?

The Carnival in Holbox starts on February 9 and ends on Tuesday 13. The first event is the election of the king and the queen, an event that will be held in Las Nubes de Holbox hotel this 2018. After the election, you can be part of the funny parades and different musical events. On Tuesday has place an authentic Mexican tradition for carnival: the burning of “Juan Carnaval” as a symbol of beating the boredom.

Come and spend Carnival days in this impressive island! Our recommendation is booking your stay in Las Nubes de Holbox hotel and not only enjoy the fest, but also the pristine beach of this place. This hotel is located in the Paseo Kuka street, 2.5 km away from the pier, and has a charming rustic architecture.

Las Nubes de Holbox

Its restaurant is called “Sabor de Las Nubes” and offers seafood and Yucatecan fusion cuisine, an excellent combination for foodies.

Some of Holbox “musts” are:

  • Visiting isla de la Pasion
  • Renting a gulf kart and drive through the sandy streets, which are part of the charming of the island
  • Swimming in Yalahau cenote
  • Watching the bioluminescence in the ocean at night
  • Relaxing and forget about everything at the beach
  • Trying the lobster pizza

The Carnival in Holbox is the best reason to start planning your first trip of the year. Come and collect memories in this gorgeous island!



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