Reasons to do a venue site inspection

Imagine that you are finally in the event you were planning during the last months and you find out the conference room is really small for the people assisting, or there is not a power adapter to connect all the equipment required. What a nightmare, don’t you think? A venue site inspection is the best way to avoid these inconvenient situations!

It doesn’t matter how great the communication is with the DMC you’re working with, it is a must to coordinate with them a venue site inspection not only to meet them face to face, but also to check the facilities of the conference room and see if they accomplish your requirements.

A venue site inspection is important to make the right decision

After visiting all the conference rooms in the list, it is easier to make the final decision. The square meters will be the first filter because you will realize if the room is too big, or maybe you’ll find that the gorgeous venue you like is really small for the group.

It is also the opportunity to meet the hosts in person and ask them all the questions you have that cannot be answer via email or call. Please listen carefully all they say and come prepared with a list so you don’t forget anything.

The power sockets available are also really important, as well as the number of bathrooms, the ventilation, the air conditioner and everything the assistants need to really enjoy the event.

Consider everything from the beginning

How far the room is from the lobby, the space in the terrace or lounge, the elevators, the transportation from the hotel… there’s a lot to consider and the best way to make the right choice is a venue site inspection. For example, if you want to have a private lunch for the group and there is not a private space available at the hotel or convention center, check if there’s a place that can be closed just for you for a few hours or if it is more convenient to select a different spot. Remember: this is the right time to choose another venue or make a few changes to the original plans (if needed).

Maritur DMC offers the venue site inspection service so you can be sure of everything related with the event you’re planning. Trust us! We have the expertise!



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