How to become a great networker

Nowadays professionals know they cannot rely only on doing their jobs well to get ahead. The job market is getting more competitive and therefore professionals and business people should stand out by their abilities to create a successful networking.

But turning relationships into economic value is not an easy task, not it is everybody’s strength. The only way to become an effective and eloquent networker is to sharpen your personal relationship-building processes, become more organized, disciplined and proactive when reaching out to business contacts and focus on giving before getting.

Many participants come to an event to meet new people, but not all of them know how to network correctly. Every event planner, or really anyone interested in the events industry, should definitely offer an unparalleled environment so participants connect with the right people, information, and ideas.

You can become a successful networker when you master your fear: fear of embarrassment, rejection, or failure. In order to not die trying, we give you the key to the entire process.


As you network, first show an interest in your conversation partner by questioning and listening actively. During your networking conversations, ask questions, listen and do not interrupt others with stories, opinions, solutions, or personal experiences. The immediate goal of your networking conversations is to learn about the other person, not to sell your products or services.

Remember always to start and maintain meaningful conversations. The most important thing is to let the other person do most of the talking and to listen carefully about ways to help that person achieve his or her goals. Giving before getting makes it much more likely that the other person will want to collaborate with your own goals.

Follow these simple advices and you will do great on your next event, either you organize it or participate in it. Don’t leave networking to chance. Creating opportunities for socializing and helping to facilitate useful introductions can add real value for attendees.



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