Do you know the benefits of an incentive travel?

A few years ago, it seemed like companies were forgetting about the importance of the human factor. Even though the technology has made a huge difference, the employees are the ones who make machines and software work. CEOs and managers are now searching for the best method to have committed people in their teams, but the most important thing for them is now the personal grow of every worker. And which is the function of an incentive travel in this map?

The incentive travel is oriented to obtain a better productivity to achieve the corporative mission and vision. It is a win-win relationship because each part takes advantage of it. In this post, we want to talk to you about the benefits of implementing this kind of trips in your company:

Incentive travel encourage better relations inside the office

It is better if you organize these trips by groups. You’ll have great results if you give them individually, but you’ll be losing the opportunity to encourage better relations between your employees starting outside the office. You’ll be surprised when you see the difference after team-building activities during an incentive travel!

New experiences sometimes beat money

Group traveling to a natural tour

Let’s be honest… When you constantly give bonuses, people get used to it and stop seeing them as a benefit. An incentive travel could be the solution for this because it is an experience hard to forget. Our advice is choosing a different destination each time, but if you are not able to do it, you can select different tours and activities and tours. The surprise factor is always a good idea!

Say goodbye to the stress for awhile

Not everyone realize that an incentive travel counts as assistance because they are not related to the mandatory vacation days by law. They are a great opportunity for the employees to clear their mind and forget about everything for a while. Please give an additional day after they come back home because they need to rest and see personal things.

Incentive travel is also a branding strategy

Travel group in the airport

Employees will say good things about you and they will also make a positive evaluation of the working environment. In addition, accommodation providers, tour operators, shuttle providers, banquet teams and all the people responsible of the services involved, would say to others how cool you are with the staff. It is a simple and small branding strategy, but it has a major impact on the reputation.

There are so many things that we can’t mention because the list will be very long. Is there anything that you want to add? Let us know what you thing about this and complete our list!



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