5 Team Dynamics for High-Performance Teams

High-performance teams have the ability to achieve a high level of successful results with high satisfaction and motivation from their members, one of the best ways to achieve perfect synchronization is with team dynamics as it is a great way to achieve to enhance creativity and innovation within a company.

Group dynamics help us understand how a group of people performance works, their interaction with specific goals in fictional situations, and individual and group learning through cooperative work and cognitive situations.

Get to know 5 of the best dynamics to enhance your high-performance team’s teamwork.

Team Dynamics

The Truth or Lie Dynamic

This kind of dynamics are special to let every member of your team know each other better, also it’s excellent to generate an empathic and emotional bonding experience.

To start the dynamic it’s important to hand out every member of the team a card that says “truth” and other that says “lie”, every participant will tell a lie or a fact about themselves and the others will try to deduce if the statement was true or not.

Case Studies

This dynamic can be both simple and effective, a problem is stated to the team and every participant must make a contribution to solving the problem. No solution is definitive to let improve the communication and cooperation abilities among the team.


Enhancing team dynamics


Verbalize a Drawing

To begin with this dynamic you will need to get a series of drawings with simple strokes and then hand them to every participant without letting them see the drawing, the person in front must describe with one word at a time the meaning of the drawing without making gestures or complete sentences. Then every participant must remake the drawing only with the information gathered from the other person, at the end of the dynamics a comparison between the original picture and the drawing will be made.


Group Pictionary

Although a little similar to the dynamic above, this one allows a better participation among the members, a word is distributed to each participant and the group will try to draw it as best as possible on a sheet of paper, then it’s exposed to every member who will try to figure out which word was drawn.

Escape Room

This dynamic’s premise is to try to solve a series of riddles and enigmas in a closed in a “closed room” to find out how to exit it, depending on the theme of the room a story or situation is presented that will gradually let some clues to be revealed to solve the room.

This dynamic requires extensive teamwork to escape the room before the time available is over.



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