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effective team management

6 Simple tips for effective team management

Any leader knows that, in order to achieve the objectives, his team must be completely in tune. The mood of the team influences the results obtained and depends on the
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tips for business trips

10 tips for organizing your business trip

If you have a business trip, it is necessary to consider all possible aspects that can influence. Your success must start by having a good organization. Keep reading and find
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business trip

How to stay organized while being on a business trip

A business trip abroad must be well prepared to ensure that everything runs smoothly. On the employee’s side, the key is to anticipate and organize yourself to prepare your trip
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reasons to have a travel itinerary

Reasons why having a travel itinerary is Important.

A well-thought-out travel itinerary is key to a successful trip! Why make an itinerary? A travel itinerary is a bit like a recipe for a successful trip. With a well-thought-out
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el cielo cozumel

Discover “El Cielo” in Cozumel

Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Quintana Roo region. This island, 18 kilometers off the coast of Playa del Carmen,
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islas marietas

Is not a movie, they are Islas Marietas

In the category of unusual landscapes, we´ll find the hidden beach “Playa del Amor”. Is an open-air cafe that reveals a beach with a unique look! Off the coast of
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