We’ve heard from time to time something like “let’s keep it simple”… But when it comes to event organization, we know there’s no such thing as “simple”. Planning an event takes a lot of attention to details, that may not seem like a big deal, but backstage they’ll require discipline, creativity and timing.

It’s not that someone holds the key for a flawless result, but here you’ll find 5 simple and useful tips for highly increasing your event’s success.

1. Appearance


It’s not very attractive to find an event where there’s a bunch of empty tables. This makes the event seem like it wasn’t interesting enough, or that the organizers couldn’t manage to spread the word… A trick that never loses its magic is placing “reserved” signs on the back tables. This makes people sit closer to the stage, leaving the empty tables far away from the spotlight. You can always remove the reserved signs as more assistants arrive.

2. Audience


Knowing your audience is paramount. In order to organize the perfect event you must be in touch with their preferences, this way you’ll be able to adapt the topics and message to your audience’s liking. Including interaction activities might be a good idea too; it helps them break the ice and create collaboration bonds, which is normally an indicator of a successful event.

3. Expectation


Sometimes the amount of assistants to an event is related to the expectation previously created among them. In present days, money is no excuse for a lack of promotion that turns into a poor event attendance. A very useful tool is social media; make the most of it, both to anticipate the event, and after it to let everyone know what happened, and maybe find their pictures.

4. Follow up


If the assistants enjoyed your event, most of them might be looking forward to any information about the experience; therefore it is recommended to record different presentations or activities, in order to upload the videos to your social media and that of the participants. This way you’ll show those who didn’t attend, that they missed a lot…

5. Atmosphere


Sometimes hiring a band or even a DJ may turn into elevated expenses that would be considered unnecessary. But what about Spotify? If you have a Spotify account you can program exactly the kind of music you wish in order to set the desired mood for your event; just make sure you’ve got a premium account to avoid advertisement. A nice bonus could be sharing your event’s playlist with the attendants, so that they can take home the soundtrack of this experience.

If you found this tips helpful, keep track of our posts and find more useful information for your upcoming event.

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